10 Thoughts On G.A.S.


photo (3) PEACE!

I’ve included this photo of myself so you can imagine who you wanna punch in the face after reading this. At least I’m doing the Asian PEACE!

To try and reduce the risk of my snapping on the next person that asks my advice about buying a camera when they already own too many I’m making a list what should be said in this situation:

1. You don’t need another camera. The idea that a camera will make you better is nothing more than an admission of laziness to actually learn how to use the one you have. FULL STOP.

2. Buy a photo book instead. One of the funniest things I ever hear from photographer friends is how they actually know NOTHING about the masters of photography. I mean NOTHING. They spend 100% of their time on forums talking about gear and on flickr looking at photos they think…

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