Thursday Thirteen: The Best of John Wayne

Commotion from the Ocean of Life


There is no man, especially movie star, that’s as American and as cowboy as John Wayne.  He basically lived the life that he portrayed.  He’s been my favorite since I was just a little kid.  I grew up knowing that only the best men were like “the Duke”!!  I decided that my entry back into the “Thursday Thirteen” world should be about him.

These are my 13 favorite John Wayne movies…..

1.  The Shootist

2.  The Searchers

3.  The Cowboys

4.  McLintock!

5.  The Green Berets

6.  She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

7.  (TIE)  The Fighting Seabees, Flying Leathernecks, and The Flying Tigers

8.  3 Godfathers

9.  Red River

10.  A Lady Takes a Chance

11.  (TIE)  Donovan’s Reef and North to Alaska

12.  Hatari!

13.  Stagecoach

Yes, there’s so many more that could be on this list.  But really, how does one choose just 13??  Well it doesn’t matter…

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